Saturday, 21 January 2012

My iMesh Account

Yesterday, I made iMesh account. I know iMesh from my sista. I think, iMesh like facebook. Add my iMesh (if you have too -_-) @gitakusumadewi

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iMesh is a media and file sharing client that's available in 9 languages. It uses a proprietary, centralized, P2P, network (IM2Net) operating on ports 80, 443 and 1862. iMesh owned by an American company iMesh, Inc. And maintains a development center in Israel. It is the 3rd most popular music subscription service in the US.

iMesh operates the first "RIAA-approved" P2P service, allowing users residing in United States and Canada to download music content of choice for a monthly fee in the form of either a Premium subscription or a "ToGo"subscription. This subscription based approach is advocated by theories such as the Open Music Model. A third option is also available for users (residing in either country) to permanently purchase tracks for 0.99 USD each, without a subscription.

In addition to the paid content, iMesh allows all users (regardless of origin country) access to "non-copyrighted" music and video files. A legalized ringtone download service by Thumbplay is also available. allowing user purchase ringtones for their cellphones.


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