Monday, 23 April 2012

The new looks!

I'm bored. It's the first day of holiday. Boring holiday. I don't know what to do. I spend my time playing games on my computer. Suddenly, I miss looklet.The one of my favorite game. Looklet have been closed several months ago. And now, I miss playin that game ☹. This afternoon, I opened looklet and playing again that game. Mixed and matched. I know the looks can't be saved, so I captured it! ☺

New Yorker in Date



 T-shirt : Ahlens
Blazer : Noir & Blanc
Short : Levi's
Belt : Mads Norgaard
Shoes : Churchs
Bag : Next

Do you know what? I did mix and match the clothes need some reference. And yeah, New Yorker in Date have done. It's a style that I thought. Isn't it interesting? Look the second looks! I changed to be more feminine ♛

Sweet Pinky Girl



Top : D&G
Skirt : Max Mara Weekend
Bag : Tiger of Sweden
Shoes : Minimarket
Bracelet : Fransesca Romana Diana
Sunglasses : Lara Bohnic

And it's made my day! ♥

Model: Matilda by Looklet

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