Sunday, 24 June 2012

Claodia's Birthday <:•D

Two days ago, we (8B) celebrated Claodia's Birthday. We make her very bed. Smelly, dirty, and wet. Cause we poured eggs, durian powder, coffee, and many more. But, it was so fun. Happy Birthday the hottest girl in the class, Claodia! <:•D

Yayak & Claodia

Yayak & Claodia


Tojan. The weirdest boy ever! Hahaha

After playin with a lot of stuff that made the street so smelly, we decided to buy some food. We felt so hungry. We decided to bought some mie ayam. We went to Mie Mapan Barata Jaya.

We ate 'Mie ayam by Mie Mapan' together ;D

Oh, how sweet the memories are! The best memories I've ever had and the best class I've ever had, of course. I'm gonna miss you all, guys! 

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